OKX Exchange – Best Cryptocurrency exchange 2023

Today, I will introduce the OKX exchange.

OKX was established in 2017 and is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency exchange with large transactions.

On the OKX exchange, you can receive up to 20% off commission if you sign up with a referral code.

Access the link below and sign up for OKX to get up to 20% off the commission.

The registration method is written below, so please refer to it.

How to sign up for OKX

Enter email and check referral


Go to OKX site

First, connect to the link above.
Between Phone and Email, I will explain Email as an example.
In fact, please enter the email you use and click the arrow icon to the right of Referral code (optional) just below to make sure that the referral code is entered.
If it is not entered, please enter [9623672970] directly into the Referral code.

Enter email authentication number


If you proceed, you will automatically receive a 6-digit authentication number in your email.
Please enter the authentication number and move on.
If the authentication number has not been sent, please check your spam mail box or press ‘Resend code’ below to get a new authentication number.

Set Password


After checking the country, the password entry window will appear.
The password must be at least 8 characters including one capital letter, a special character, and a number.

KYC authentication and OTP settings

KYC identity verification


Increase security with KYC identity verification.
It is best to secure your account to ensure your identity.

OTP settings


It’s great to set up OTP to protect your assets from hacking.
It can be set through the Google Authenticator app.

Getting Started Trading on OKX

spot trading

Spot trading is the most basic trading method for buying and selling coins, and you can only make a profit if the coin rises.

futures trading

Futures trading is a way of predicting whether the coin market will rise or fall, and if you bet and get hit, you get a profit, and if you get wrong, you lose money.
In addition, a system of leverage and liquidation is included.
Leverage allows users to directly specify a magnification to benefit or lose as much as that magnification, and liquidation is forced to terminate the transaction if the loss continues.

margin trading

Margin trading is a method of leveraging your own coins as deposits.
What’s different from futures trading is that the trading method is almost the same as futures trading, but they borrow and trade in kind from the spot market.

OKX fees

Deposit/withdrawal fee

The deposit fee is free.
The withdrawal fee varies from coin to coin.

spot trading fee rate

Spot fees are basically 0.08% taker and 0.1% market price.

Futures trading fee rate

Futures commissions are basically 0.02% taker price and 0.05% market price.
In addition, fees are multiplied by leverage magnification for actual futures transactions.

margin fee

The margin fee is 0.08% taker and 0.1% market price because margin trading is done in the spot market.
In addition, on actual margin transactions, fees are multiplied by leverage magnification and must pay interest every 24 hours.

Other Information

OKX offers a wide range of services, including trading and staking, pool mining, cryptocurrency lending, and NFT marketplace.

OKX provides travel rule-related security features to ensure that the user’s assets and information are
It’s kept at a very high level.

The OKX mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

There are more than 350 cryptocurrencies available on OKX.
It supports a wide range of cryptocurrency transactions, from the most popular cryptocurrencies such as (BTC) and (ETH), to (DOGE), (BNB), and (ADA).

That’s all we’ve learned about the OKX exchange.
The OKX exchange offers a wide range of cryptocurrency transactions and is easy to use because of its simple interface, and is optimal for beginners to start.
Make a profit on the OKX exchange.

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