Huobi Exchange – Best Cryptocurrency exchange 2023

Today, I will introduce Huobi Exchange.

Huobi Global was founded in 2013 and usually serves Asian traders, but has recently expanded worldwide.

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The registration method is written below, so please refer to it.

How to sign up for Huobi Exchange

Enter email and check referral

Go to the Huobi sign up site link

If you connect with a link, you will see the same screen as the image.
I’ll explain by choosing email between email and phone.
Enter the actual email you use and click the arrow icon next to Referral code (optional) just below to confirm.
If you don’t have a referral code, please enter [3ynz5223] yourself.

Enter email authentication number

A 6-digit authentication number will be sent by email.
If you enter the authentication number, the membership registration will be completed.
If the authentication number is not sent, check your spam box,
Please press Resend code below to get the authentication number again.
Please enter the authentication number you received and move on.

Set Password

Next, you need to set your password.
Please set your password to at least 8 digits, including at least 1 uppercase, lowercase, number, and special character.
If you move on, you will complete your membership on Huobi Exchange membership.

KYC identity authentication and OTP settings

KYC identity verification

Increase security with KYC identity verification.
Identification is essential for account security.
If you do KYC identity verification, the withdrawal limit will also increase.

OTP settings

As it is a digital exchange, I recommend setting up OTP to protect your account and assets from hacking.
It can be set through the Google Authenticator app.

Getting Started Trading on Huobi

Spot trading

Spot trading is the most basic trading method for buying and selling coins, and you can only earn profits if the coin market price rises.

Futures trading

Futures trading is a trading method in which you bet in anticipation of an upward/downward trend in the coin market, and if you expect it to be right, you earn profits, and if you are wrong, you lose money.

Huobi fees

Deposit fee

The deposit fee is free.

Withdrawal fee

The withdrawal fee varies from coin to coin.

Spot trading fee rate

The spot fee is 0.2% for both taker and market prices by default.

Futures trading fee rate

Futures commissions are basically 0.02% taker price and 0.05% market price.
However, on actual transactions, the fee is multiplied by the leverage factor.

Other Information

Huobi boasts outstanding customer support services with 24/7 quick and efficient query response

Huobi Global is a cryptocurrency exchange whose vision is to change the global financial market.
It has grown into a global cryptocurrency platform by establishing branches in various cultural countries.

Huobi is committed to customer security and safety.
And we go one step further and have funds to protect investment losses for customers who have been robbed or hacked.
This helps customers recover from damage.

Huobi also has a mobile app.
Available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Huobi is one of the largest exchanges in the world and can trade more than 350 cryptocurrencies to match it.

So that’s it for the Huobi Exchange.
Generate revenue from Huobi Exchange with a stable exchange environment and country-specific localization operations.

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